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Sparks | Holiday Senses

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness,” was well put by John Steinbeck. This winter holiday season has surely made its presence welcome this time of year. Winter offers peace and tranquility for all who merely seek it. Experience the winter holiday through all five senses.

Treasure the Aromas

Capture the aroma of the season by adding a festive blend of pine, balsam, clove, cinnamon or gingerbread. It fills the air with a welcome feeling of warmth and joy.

Let your sense of smell take you to snowy pines with the green Winter Forest candle, relive your childhood magic with this Gingerbread scent, or create your own simmering holiday pot.

Decorative Wrap

The art of gift wrapping has been around for ages. It allows one to make giving gifts extraordinary.

Not only is it exciting and aesthetically pleasing, gift wrapping shows that people have taken time and effort into concealing a loved one’s gift in a considerate way, adding to the suspense of the unveiling. There are so many ways to wrap a gift, from unique paper to reusable bags or repurposed sources like furoshiki cloth.

Unexpected Décor

During the winter, days are shorter and darker, so why not embrace it through your holiday ornamentation?

Dramatize your holiday displays with dark and moody jewel tones. Be brave and embrace this elegant and stunning take on filling your home with stylish embellishments. Experiment with opulent accents of embroidered stockings, velvet textiles, moody lighting and shimmering surfaces.

Embracing the Frost

Some may want a tropical holiday to escape the cold, but some long for a cozy snowed-in unforgettable experience.

Aspen, Colorado during the winter holidays is a twinkling, spirited, and merry experience with endless activities. Featured are past or dream destinations:

Bake with Cheer

Bakers across the country are warming up their ovens for holiday baking.

For inspiration, the treats pictured here are from Sculpted Kitchen, who makes plant-based recipes with beautiful artistic presentation. She names the cookies pictured first Holiday bliss balls, colored with rose, spirulina, and coconut shreds. As you search for new recipes, visit her page for healthy and delicious recipes.

Channel the Holiday Spirit

There's just something special about playing a marathon of the best Holiday movies, filling your home with sounds of laughter and cheerful melodies tied together with a mug of hot cocoa.

From A Christmas Story to Meet Me in St. Louis, here are some of our favorite movies that are bound to get you into the holiday spirit.

For more inspiration, here is a great list of Christmas movies to get you in the spirit. It is a wide variety to select from, so we are sure you will find one to watch this season!

Winter Wonderland

As our journey exploring winter's wonderland through the lens of the five senses comes to a close, enjoy this collection of images take can take one back in an instant.

We hope that you have a magical winter holiday, filling your senses with the best of winter. It may get cold, but trust that the cold will pass, and the waters and forests will be full and fresh again.


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