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Lodge Alley Inn | Setting: Charleston, SC

The enchanting city of Charleston, South Carolina is the highly anticipated site of our next project. This charming and elegant city is one of the best-preserved, picturesque cities in the United States. Beaming with Southern hospitality, colorful history, grandiose gardens and homes, beaches, cuisine, and culture, Charleston is undoubtedly a city worth visiting. Experience Charleston using the five senses, and read our insight below on how to do that.

Rainbow Row and The Pink House

Charleston is home to interesting historic architecture.

When most people think of Charleston, Rainbow Row is most likely one of the first things that comes to mind! Rainbow Row is the nickname given to the stretch of 13 colorfully painted houses. Visit Rainbow Row for a joyful sight and beautiful photos.

The Pink House is one of the oldest structures in Charleston, SC constructed during the 1600s-1712. It is professed to be the oldest masonry residence in Charleston, SC. Withstanding hurricanes and other natural disasters, it is a natural and historic phenomenon that is definitely worth visiting

The Heavenly Angel Oak + Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

Discover the enchanting gardens and majestic Angel Oak tree.

Close your eyes, and imagine the smell of the breeze flowing through the trees, water flowing, and flowers everywhere you look. This haven of peaceful enchanting beauty is just a glimpse of the kind of experience had at the gardens at Magnolia Plantation. This preserved part of Charleston's history is a must see.

Museum Meandering

Wonder through the intriguing museums and alley ways.

The Gibbes Museum of Art is an art museum worth seeing in Charleston, SC. It houses a premier collection of over 10,000 works of fine art, principally American works, many with a connection to Charleston or the South.

Travel back in time to discover one of America’s most historic cities—Charleston, South Carolina—on Charleston's Alleys & Hidden Passages Guided Small-Group Walking Tour. Explore some of the city’s most enchanting alleys and hidden passages. Visit the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon, a colonial building with a 300-year history; Rainbow Row, the longest cluster of Georgian row houses in the United States; plus historic Philadelphia Alley, and many more.

Uncover Charleston’s darkest secrets on an evening ghost and cemetery tour. Stroll through the atmospheric heart of the old city while an entertaining local guide regales you with tales of the dark deeds, restless spirits and supernatural phenomena that make Charleston one of the most haunted cities in America. Get exclusive after-hour access to the famous Unitarian Church Graveyard, where an overgrown southern garden surrounds historic plots said to be haunted by wandering ghosts.

Tasting the Rainbow

Charleston has some of the hottest new restaurants.

One of the best new restaurants in Charleston is Basic Kitchen. The bright, light, healthy-but-happy restaurant serves delicious meals for all, featuring the best local produce and ingredients. Visit Basic Kitchen’s sweet garden patio and stay a while.

Dreaming of Folly Beach

Let the sound of the ocean at Folly Beach take you to paradise.

Folly Beach, located just south of Charleston, is one of Charleston’s most beautiful beaches. Hear the ocean as the waves crash onto the shore time and time again. Take a sunset stroll with loved ones here.

Stay a While

From AirBnb's to boutique hotels, explore these magical stays.

Whether you’re staying at an airbnb or hotel, Charleston has outstanding places to stay. Pictured in the first photo is the The Honeymoon Treehouse at Bolt Farm Charleston which you can stay at through Airbnb. With the whole treehouse to yourself, experience relaxation and rest in a haven that can only be felt in the treetops.

Secondly, The Mills House Wyndham Grand Hotel is the “bright pink, historic, and uniquely Charleston” hotel.

The third image is of a boutique hotel called 20 South Battery, which is a stunning private mansion that has been restyled and turned into a luxury boutique hotel with eleven decorated guest rooms.

The Lodge Alley Inn is the site of our newest featured project. This project is a future renovation of the public spaces, including the reception, parlor and restrooms. These new enhancements will elevate an already lovely resort located in the historic district, the perfect place to stay.

We hope you visit Charleston, South Carolina soon!


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