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From time to time, we will update our featured project, alternating from the archives or present day. We will also highlight our inspiration with sparks, setting and imagery. Providing these details showcases our insight into the foundation of each design. To discover more about this project or additional projects, explore our work page. 

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historic | charm | sophisticated

| patina | storied | indigo |

wrought iron | eclectic |gilded

timeless elegance


Drenched in Southern charm and hospitality, Charleston, is a city like no other. Historically, this city became what is today because it was a bustling trade center, and became the cultural and economic center of the South. It’s was best known for their cotton, rice, and indigo plantations.


For this project, our scope was to enhance the lobby and guest reception. The objective was to bring back its charm and influence from the past.


Highlights include shades of dark and moody blues mixed with gilded metals. Layers were added of intricate moulding, along with textured upholstery, elegant furnishings and one-of-a-kind artwork.


of inspiration

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