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Lodge Alley Inn| Design Sparks

Developing a project usually needs a foundation of the design direction. To help establish the direction, deciding on key spark elements is a great start. Those sparks could be the color palette, regional features or the style. Our recently featured project, Lodge Ally Inn, was creative and a fun project. We were tasked to develop a new design for the public spaces in the lobby area. Please take a look at our sparks we collected that helped develop the design.

Color Story

With the significant regional history of indigo, a color palette based on this shade was selected for the future renovation of the Lodge Alley Inn lobby.

📷: BHG & AdobeStock

This enchanting shade of blue is cool, deep & even a natural color. The use of this color and dyeing methods dates back to antiquity. It even formed an important chapter historically in the Charleston region with the cultivation of the deciduous shrub & extracting the blue dye from its leaves.

Regional Craftmanship

Walking the streets is a must while in Charleston. Along the way, its hard not to notice all the ironwork & admire the handcrafted artistry.

The work shown here is from one of the most cherished & honored artisans from the area, Philip Simmons. He spent 78 yrs as a blacksmith & his work can be found all throughout the city. As you see, he was truly inspiring and an important influence of the city. His work sparked us to create a beautiful hand-forged iron focal point, which will be seen right when you enter the lobby.

Classicalism & Mischief

Art doesn’t always have to be serious!! It can be playful & unexpected. A classic portrait can be reinvented w/ a modern and quirky twist.

Whether it is blowing a pink bubble, balancing a pencil, or an uncharacteristic subject of a beloved pet in uniform, art can make a statement in an unconventional way. The amusing inspiration seen here because our inspiration for a future portrait wall that will be hung amongst the library shelves found in the parlor.

Aim for the Sky

“Ceilings must always be considered. They are the most neglected surface in a room.”- Albert Hadle

So true, the fifth wall is usually an afterthought. Instead of disregarding it, transform it. Install ceiling medallions or coffered ceiling trim. Hang wallpaper or paint it a contrast color or create a monochromatic look with the walls, trim and ceiling are painted the same color. Make a statement and let it stand out! We definitely kept these sparks in mind with the Parlor ceiling at Lodge Alley Inn.

Hope you enjoyed our sparks insight into our design. Come back soon to see how we incorporated these ideas into the future renovation of Lodge Alley Inn. 💜


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