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Sparks | Travel Returns

As you know, the DPOV family is full of enthusiastic travelers who thrive on and crave the experience of exploration. Due to Covid, that has drastically changed. There’s no question that Covid really has disrupted what we considered ‘normal.’ From restaurant gatherings to family events, everything was negatively impacted by the pandemic that has lasted an entire year now. One of the main aspects of our lives that we have been missing a little extra these days is traveling.

With our downtime, we’ve spent some time reflecting on our favorite destinations of previous vacations, planning or packing for our next trip, and dreaming of a luxurious escape for some time in the future when the travel industry is fully recovered back to normal standards.

Because we know you love travel oh-so-much too, escape with us as we breakdown our picks for you. Bon voyage!!

Christine Brotzman

In reflection, Christine chose the Portifino Island Resort in Pensacola, FL as a premier destination. This particular resort is special to her because of the tradition she has set with her husband’s family in going each year for a wonderful escape together. Many memories have been made, meals shared, sun soaked, and games played with one another. The sunrises from the towers are incredible and definitely worth waking up at 5am for!

The most recent travel experience Christine had was her one-year anniversary celebration with her husband. They stayed at the Whitestone Inn in Whitestone TN. This Inn is surrounded by gorgeous views of rolling hills, mountains and the river. You can relax and absorb the views from your porch or explore some of the on-site attractions.

A true blissful escape would be my dream destination of the Sandals Grande St. Lucian (or really just any resort with over water bungalows). Oh, I can see myself laid out with a nice book and a sun hat with these incredible views in front of me. I would absolutely adore a trip here. Maybe one day!

Christina Captain

The Enchantment in Sedona, AZ holds such a special space in Christina’s heart. She has stayed at this lovely oasis tucked into the Boynton Canyon twice before and visited it once more in her most recent trip to Sedona in February of 2021. As if the incredible views, wonderful service, and southwest architecture isn’t enough to love about Enchantment, just up the road from the resort is where Christina got engaged while there in February. This area is forever one of her favorites and you should absolutely visit the desert at some point so you can make your own special memories there, too.

Another one of Christina’s favorite cities to explore is Miami. She has been to Miami once before and is planning another trip very shortly. The next hotel she will stay at is W Miami. She’s never stayed there, but she made the decision to book this particular location because of the unique interiors. The use of accent color, unique light fixtures, and bright, open spaces was the selling point. Although there is no review on this hotel just yet, she can definitely assure you any trip to Miami will be nothing short of your expectations.

The most desired location to visit to Christina is the island of Zakinthos in Greece. This island has been on her bucket list for as long as she can remember. Her family is from Greece, however each time she goes to visit, she spends most of her time in the village visiting relatives. Zakinthos has incredible beaches, fresh seafood, the clearest water you’ll ever find, the most vibrant landscaping… What’s not to love about the island?

Ann Borrelli Smith

The fondest travel memory from Ann’s past was traveling, with her mother, as they got to cruise down the Danube on the S.S. Maria Theresa. This trip took her to visit four different countries while providing luxurious accommodations and service. Definitely an experience she would love to have again.

Ann’s first choice in accommodations, presently, while traveling is the Kessler collection of hotels by Marriot. She’s stayed at multiple hotels in different cities and this collection never fails to amaze. They’re so elegant, classy, and charming. The perfect place to stay and feel like royalty.

And finally, the most magical way to travel, the Orient Express. Traveling by train is so nostalgic and almost makes you feel like you’re experiencing history. This train ride is not like any other, though. It provides the most decadent cabins, delicious bites and beverages, and distinguished service. Ann’s dreams of experiencing this extravagant vacation, maybe someday they’ll be so lucky.

With the hospitality industry coming back around, ever so gingerly, we hope to experience these memorable travels again soon. Reflecting on past travels to incredible hotels and destinations has us craving that feeling of early morning air whistling by our suitcase as we board a flight to somewhere new.


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