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Indian Creek Lodge | Setting: Ridgedale, MO

The Indian Creek Lodge is located in the small town of Ridgedale, Missouri. This beautiful, rustic cabin resort stay is influenced by the region surrounding it. If you’re going to the Ridgedale/Branson/Ozark area, this resort is the perfect place to stay while you enjoy the area’s attractions. In this blog, we’re going to set the stage for the featured project by introducing you to the city and all it has to offer.

Ridgedale, Missouri is an outdoor vacationer’s dream. From stunning waterfalls to extensive cliffs hanging over deep blue waters, Ridgedale is loaded with places for an outdoor enthusiast to explore. Pictured above is one of our favorite sites to visit, the Lost Canyon Cave and Nature Trail. The views this trail provides are second to none.

Another wonderful outdoor activity that you just can’t miss while out in this area is a visit to the outstanding Ozarks. Made even more popular by the famous Netflix show, the Lake of the Ozarks and the Maramec Spring provide some gorgeous views. These sites are fantastic to explore and provide the perfect photo-op to document your trip to Missouri.

If you’re not much of a nature person in the sense that you don’t enjoy being out in the elements, but you still love to experience all of the wonderful views that there are, the Queen of the Ozarks is just for you. This day-cruise through the Ozarks provides a lovely, relaxing way to enjoy the visuals of nature without having to get out in it.

If you’re caught on a rainy day or just want to participate in activities that are indoors, we’d recommend giving the Ancient Ozarks Natural History Museum a visit. There are some jaw-dropping exhibits that you sure don’t want to miss. Another place we’d recommend on your travels to Ridgedale and/or Branson, Missouri, is the Sight and Sound Theatre. The architecture alone is outstanding, and the performances are just as outstanding, too.

Now lastly, we always have to include a great place to eat while you are visiting an area. The Osage Restaurant is such a neat atmosphere and has a great, inclusive menu. The interior of this dining spot is unique and alludes to the nature and area surrounding the location.

We hope you enjoy your travels to Ridgedale and Branson, Missouri. Stay tuned for the next blog on our project in Ridgedale, the Indian Creek Lodge.


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