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Sparks Explained

As you’ve probably seen on our website and social media, we use the term ‘sparks’ quite frequently. But I bet some of you are wondering what the term ‘sparks’ actually means to us. So, here you have it, sparks explained:

A spark ignites something. Typically, a fire. But for us, sparks ignite inspiration, passion, and creativity. A spark is something that provides inspiration in our work, and in our everyday life.

To us, inspiration is found in many forms. From learning something new, changing your environment, meeting new people, visiting a museum, reading or journaling. Each one of those activities, we call them sparks!

Sparks can represent many entities, but they all motivate us to be better and do better. They provide us inspiration that awakens us to new possibilities and push us out of our comfort zone. Inspiration can propel us from the norm to the unexpected and transforms the way we perceive our own abilities. One of the grounding sparks of our DPOV team is that we are all travel enthusiasts. Adventure seekers! We are motivated to travel and create new memories. Whether it is daydreaming of going back to a familiar place or an aspirational destination, we are anxiously waiting to get back out there.

Aside from our team, you will also see us mentioning and including sparks in our projects. The previous post on Hotel Blake included a sparks collage of the items and images that inspired us for that project, as you can see above. Being that each project is unique, you will see a gathering of sparks for every space we create.

Check out our posts on Hotel Blake, and stay tuned for next week's post to see how the whole project turned out.


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