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Sparks | 2021 Color of the Year

The color of the year, a way to predict what’s to come. Predicting so much more than a popular color, this trend also tends to predict the general outlook on what is ahead. Following a year like 2020 was, it is only expected that the colors chosen by different companies all seem to express positivity and hope for the year to come.

I thought it would be fun and intriguing to take a dive into a few different companies and their chosen colors of the year. So, join me as I look into some wonderful colors!


Pantone is the beacon when it comes to the color of the year announcements. People, including us, wait for the announcement for weeks. With that being said, when they did announce the color, well the TWO colors, I was surprised! Two colors of the year, pretty unique but also quite fitting. I don’t know about you, but this year already seems to be such a year of transition. Transitioning out of a pandemic and into a new normal, among so many other things that I won’t bore you with. Others have stated that the two colors are those of ‘warmth and dependability.’

These Pantone colors tell a story. The sturdy gray color providing the solid foundation necessary to allow the yellow vibrance and positivity to flourish. This is symbolic of the year to come, I believe. Especially considering the first half to be the Ultimate Gray and the second half to be an Illuminating Yellow. This is a very real look at the year to come. Cautiously optimistic.


The relaxing, calming color chosen by Benjamin Moore is an effortless oasis. Symbolic of watching the calming waves of the ocean, this color represents peace of mind.

I personally find the Aegean Teal color to be soft, yet powerful. It really does symbolize and represent the ocean, as there’s a vast unknown beneath the surface, yet the motion on top is mesmerizing.


Another big brand in the color world, Sherwin Williams chose a very grounding color to represent 2021. With everyone being strongly encouraged to stay home, a simple house has turned into a sanctuary. This color is natural, dark, yet relaxing and grounding. While other brands have chosen to take the direction of an outlook in 2021, Sherwin Williams decided to look within. This color is intended to be used as a supporting color. Being around this tone is somehow inviting and relaxing, yet sophisticated, earthy and modern.


The color chosen by Graham & Brown is the perfect color to end on. This color has been described as regal, elegant, vibrant yet cozy, and a ‘directional shade of plum.’

Epoch is absolutely stunning. This color would be so lively and unexpected in a space, yet not too jarring that it is unwelcomed. The richness and ‘calming and cocooning’ effect is something we need in 2021. I love this color, and although all of the ones mentioned are gorgeous in their own way, this one may just be my favorite.

2021, we hope you bring some better times and happy memories. If these colors are any prediction of how the year will actually be, we’re in for a treat.

Stay tuned for our next featured project series coming soon!


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