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Indian Creek Lodge | Design Sparks

The Indian Creek Lodge in Ridgedale, Missouri is easily one of our most favorite projects to have the pleasure of designing. We were blessed with the ability to have more creative freedom than some of our other projects, making this one such a joy to create. In this post, we’ll mention some of the highlights of this space and a few reasons why it is at the top of our favorites list.

Allowing the creative juices to truly get going, ideas flow faster than we can keep up with. This led to the biggest, most influential part of this design, which was allowing the setting to ignite the flame of artistry. We took this knowledge and observation of the area to inspire us in making a truly luxurious, warm, and welcoming lodge.

In addition to the setting providing its inspiration for the design, we brought the city to life by using multiple local craftsmen for the details and focal points of this design. Whether it is the custom fishing pole & lantern light fixture at the kitchen bar to the nightstand that’s inspired from an antique trunk, or the spalted maple dining room table with a live edge, the history of Big Cedar and the local influence is reflected in all aspects of the interior.

Another fun element of the Indian Creek Lodge guest rooms is the entertainment within. Books by local, as well as nationally acclaimed authors are provided for the entertainment of all. The Giving Tree (by Shel Silverstein) is brought to life through end tables made from the stumps of regionally found fallen trees, complete with initials carved into their sides. Highlighting the area’s wildlife, a game of “Find the Frogs” has been created to entertain guests of any age. In each unit, more than a dozen images of frogs have been creatively positioned to make sport of identifying their hidden locations. Whether they are carved or attached, painted or projected, finding the frogs will add to the merriment that’s bound to invoke lasting memories.

The above examples are some of the many that made this project so marvelous. It stands out to us as a favorite, and I am sure it will for you as well.

Stay tuned to see all of the final product images in the upcoming blog coming soon!


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