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Hotel Blake | Setting: Printer’s Row

Chicago: known for being a hustle and bustle urban hub without the stress of a big city. Chicago is considered to be a happy medium between New York and Los Angeles. However, the gem of the city lies in the historic Printer’s Row. The heart of the area is between Congress Parkway and Polk Street along Dearborn. Printer’s Row is an oasis just south of downtown Chicago, which is where the luxurious Hotel Blake resides.

Printer’s Row became the central printing station of the mid-west in 1885, creating all forms of copy, most notably books. The architecture of the buildings surrounding the streets are some of the most intellectual structures in town. Because of this, Printer’s Row is home to the first Chicago School of Architecture.

Now when you visit, you won’t see printing companies anymore, but rather lofts, apartments, hotels, and attractions, all of which keep the rich history of the area alive in their establishments through design. This movement was started in the late 1970s as developers made the transition from printing centers to loft and retail spaces. This movement is still continued today, as seen with Hotel Blake.

Okay, so … What else is there for me to do?

Printer’s Row is a great location because it’s within walking distance to downtown Chicago, yet far enough as to not feel suffocated by the action of the city. Packed with local restaurants, cafes and entertainment/activities, you’re bound to find something that sparks your interest.

One of the biggest events is the LitFest, or Literary Festival in honor of the printing and copy that was produced along Printer's Row for so many years. There, you’ll find collectable books, new publications, even authors ready to talk about their new copy and sign it for you.

Other activities we suggest are:

o The Art Institute of Chicago – voted #1 thing to do in the area

o Fox in a Box Chicago – Escape and Entertainment Center

Another feat we love about this area is the abundance of local dining and coffee shops within walking distance of Hotel Blake. Here’s a list of our favorites:


o Meli Café & Juice Bar – located in Hotel Blake | American

o Umai – Japanese | Sushi | Asian

o Lou Malnati’s – Pizzeria | Italian | American

o Saigon Sisters – Vietnamese

o Flako’s Tacos – Mexican | Latin

o Sociale – Wine Bar

o Sofi Restaurant – Italian | International

o BLVD – American | Bar | Contemporary | Seafood | Steakhouse

Coffee Shops:

There's an abundance of things to do, places to see, and activities to experience along the historic Printer's Row. You're sure to enjoy your travels to this area.

Stay tuned for the next post in this issue: Hotel Blake | Production & Design


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