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Hotel Blake | Design Sparks

When starting a new project, we always ask ourselves, “how can the setting of this project influence the design we create?” As you know, Hotel Blake is located on the historic Printer’s Row in Chicago, IL. We decided to take the history and meaning of Printer’s Row and make it visually present in this hotel by use of typography and the local architecture.

We incorporated the typography by creating a custom wall covering, like the one you see above. The client requested a fresh, unique and modern guest experience. We took these guidelines and decided to modernize the historical inspiration by having hidden hashtags within the type.

This project has one extremely unique element that we’ve never seen before. Hotel Blake has a shocking 19 different room types! On top of the hotel being a renovation from an old, historic printing building, the vast variety of room types required creative and innovative thinking in order to provide some uniformity among them.

All in all, this process was different from many we’ve experienced in the past. Although we enjoy each project as a whole, getting to create a custom wall covering was certainly one of the best parts of this one. Hotel Blake is truly one-of-a-kind.

Stay tuned for the next post – Hotel Blake | Final Product


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