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DPOVinteriors|About Us


DPOVinteriors is an interior design firm focused on hospitality design. The founder and lead designer, Ann Borrelli Smith, established DPOVinteriors after gaining much experience in the design industry from working with other well-known design firms. Ann always had the desire to provide unique, original ideas to the hospitality industry. As a result of Ann’s unwavering passion for hospitality design solutions, she was able to create and unite a team of like-minded creatives who now call themselves DPOVinteriors.

Here at DPOV, we thrive in taking spaces and making them whole. With unique design, functionality, and the client’s needs in mind, we never fail to create something truly special. Design is our passion and we allow each project to speak to us. Some designers and firms will try to make a client’s space mirror their personal style, something the designer would like to see in the space. At DPOV, we accept new projects with an open mind and guide our vision to match the client’s desires, using the elements of the setting and environment around the location to inspire us and ultimately create a beautiful space.


The DPOV team is comprised of 5 diverse and talented individuals. We come together to create a final, cohesive product that we are all so proud of. You can discover more about each team member in their bio, but allow me to introduce you to the members’ and their positions:

Ann Borrelli Smith – Creative Director, Owner

Christine Brotzman – Junior Designer

Maria Shockley – Design Consultant

Justin Smith – Operations Manager

Christina Captain – Marketing & Social Media Director

One fundamental element we all have in common here at DPOV is that we’re significantly influenced by travel. Of course, most people enjoy traveling and taking vacations, spending time with friends and family. However, for us, travel is so much more than a getaway. Travel is what inspires us, recharges us, and helps us expand our knowledge of the hospitality industry in order to improve it. Culture, architecture, color, culinary experiences, and the beauty of nature are just a few among the list of things that inspire us to create and renovate beautiful and functional spaces.


We have extensive experience in renovations, refurbishments, and new construction. We’ve encompassed a variety of styles ranging from modern to coastal. Locations have been both regional and national ranging from economy to luxury. Working with DPOV ensures that your wishes will become a reality.

We truly want to work with you to create a space you’ll love. Through our unique process of programming, schematic design, development, specifications & drawings, and ultimately the administration of the project, we are here to offer guidance and professional services from start to finish.


We firmly believe that there are no finite solutions or set formulas. Each project, client, and experience are new and will excel in its own unique style. Our team gathers inspiration from travel, nature, museums, literature, and media as well as incorporating the latest trends, innovation, and methods to complete a one-of-a-kind experience and end result for our client.

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