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Sparks | Christmas Cheer

2020. What a year it has been. Overall, there's been some highs and some really low lows. But we made it to Christmas, so let's celebrate that!

With so much that has happened to us, as a nation and people in general, it is with great timing that Christmas is here. Bright lights, crisp air, roaring fires, and hot cocoa in hand, the greatest time of year is upon us once again.

This year, even more-so than most, decorations have become such a huge part of feeling in the Christmas spirit. Typical holiday festivities include friends' Christmas parties, gatherings with family, and office Christmas lunches, yet this year all of these festive activities have been canceled or significantly restructured to be COVID friendly. That is why having some merry and bright decor in your home will help you feel the Christmas cheer that we all so greatly need right now.

A common favorite thing to do among American households during the holidays is to decorate the house with warm, full, festive items that help evoke the Christmas spirit. In addition to the classic tree, wreath and garland, we love to add some extra cheer in our decor. Some of my favorite additions are rosemary trees in the kitchen, wooden deer roaming across the dining table, Santa's Christmas Village, personalized wreaths on all of the bedroom doors, and a fresh batch of homemade cookies on the kitchen counter.

And, if you had the space, wouldn't it be lovely to add a cluster of Christmas trees instead of just one. The more trees, the merrier! Take a look at how beautiful it can be:

So, whether your style is one of the pictured above (farmhouse, traditional, modern, and rustic) or one of the many we did not include, we hope you are enjoying the decor this season brings as much as we are. Although Christmas will likely be spent at home in a much smaller group than usual this year, we hope you are able to feel the Christmas cheer, nonetheless.

Merry Christmas, and here's to a much better, brighter, and joyful year to come!

With love,



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