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Justin Smith

Operations Manager

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Justin Headshot

Education & Qualifications:

University of Tennessee | BA in Anthropology | Spring ‘96

General Contractor | TN State License 

Growing up on a family farm, in middle Tennessee, connected Justin to nature and exploration at an early age. His curiosity for connecting with nature came easily while exploring the vast grounds of the farm. From camping in the woods, swimming in the creek or attending to chores on the farm, those experiences nurtured his desire to be creative and always inquisitive.


As a young adult, he was able to expand his creative side through outlets of playing instruments and developing his passion for cooking. The yearning for knowledge led him to study anthropology and engineering, while attending college. Focusing on those disciplines helped fine-tune his attention to detail and critical thinking. Post college, he realized a desk job was not for him because he needed to get back outside. The perfect fit to combine his skill set was to become a General Contractor and start his own company.


After many years of running his contracting firm, he was ready for a new venture. He realized there was an opportunity to help expand DPOVinteriors and its need to grow. Bringing his knowledge of construction and technical expertise to the team, helps the firm to be successful in completing turn-key projects. He is a great asset to the team from insight in detailing, selecting materials and operational management.  


Antiquity | Alternative Rock | Angkor Wat  Anthropology | Asian Cuisine | Gothic Architecture Escher | Surrealism

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