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Loving and Supporting the Humans.

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Education & Qualifications:

Loving & Supporting the Humans - Certified Professionals

Mr. Smokey Lou Smith -

Ten years ago, we hit the kitty-cat lottery when we rescued Smokey Lou from our backyard. When we found out that no one would claim him, we knew he was ours forever. He is a Russian Blue Tuxedo with velveteen fur. He always looks dapper with his built-in white ascot and white gloves.

During the day, Smokey Lou is watching over our Operations Manager, Justin, right by his side in his own task chair. He keeps him company, but he is really making sure he gets enough rest for his night job. He is our neighborhood watchmen. He is always checking things out at either of his two window perches. Besides his security detail, his favorite pass time is sleeping, eating and expecting his treats three times a day. He is a connoisseur of fine dining, especially all things chicken, but despises anything salmon.

Mr. Stevie Brocato -

Named after the iconic Stevie Nicks, this little black cat lives up to her namesake. She has been a free spirit ever since we rescued her. She was supposed to be a house cat, but she had a longing desire to explore the outside world. Her life has been fulfilled ever since her first step outside where she spends her days roaming, hunting mice, basking in the sun, and she loves to give love to anyone. She is affectionate, adventurous, independent, yet so loving.

Miss Matilda Brocato -

Matilda is the introverted sister to Stevie. She is timid and keeps to herself, but once you allow her time, she is so loving. She is just scared and a bit stranger. Sometimes, we think she sees ghosts because she can stare at spots in the wall for hours!

Miss Mushy Shockley - 

Mushy is a black & white tuxedo cat. She is simultaneously a cutie and a terror… 

Lived as a vagabond until she decided to adopt us 3 years ago. ​She is an outdoor enthusiast and skilled hunter. Mushy loves to cuddle in the evenings and ​is always  ready to play​ first thing in the morning. Her favorite pastimes are prowling, teasing the neighbors' pets and checking out Kittisaurus tales​ on YouTube​.


We love animals and strongly believe in animal rights and providing good homes and shelter to animals in need. Help us by donating to the ASPCA. Any amount is helpful and appreciated.