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classic | modern | comfortable

welcoming | collaborative | fresh

clean lines | community | flexible

elevated traveler


Winston-Salem, or "the dash" as it is affectionately referred to, is an area with a rich influence of artistry and kitschy landmarks. The area is surrounded by an array of things to do and see, including a growing culinary scene, plus headquarters for multiple major companies.

Being in a great location, this hotel is an ideal option for business and leisure travelers. With collaborative lobby spaces, this design caters to the modern traveler. Its palette follows Marriott's brand prototype, the Inspired Classic, with elevated design and style. A unique feature of the lobby is the Bistro Bar, which focuses on providing a memorable evening experience for working and relaxing. Guestrooms provide a comfortable yet sophisticated environment with classic clean lines, solid colors, and modern furniture.

Overall, the weary traveler is welcomed by the classic sensibility this design provides.

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